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Vision For Juniors has a unique program that focuses on systems that strengthen families to have capacity to take care of children from within their community settings. The Program involves Family Strengthening, community linkage and empowerment of leader programs that aim to prevent children from losing quality care, protect and through the existing systems that must provide safety nets for vulnerable children and their families within the community. The program was rolled out to Uganda in April 2017 and has spread to all district locations.

Core Principles

The Best place for children to grow is within their family. The children’s safety net must be strengthened by their caregivers whose responsibility is geared towards ensuring early childhood development is guaranteed. Within their reach of resource, their communities can provide support for the children and their families.

Target Group

Vision For Juniors targets children who are risk of losing parental care with a focus to prevent. Children who are in category of losing parental care are those whose basic material, emotional, health and educational needs are being neglected or there are abused because their caregivers lack the capacity and commitment to adequately care for their children.

Through the Community Strengthening projects,
VFJ provide a range of services to support the families and communities assume their responsibility to protect and care for their children; as well as to encourage and support the government and other duty bearer to meet their obligations to respect, protect and fulfill the rights of children. VFJ is committed to empower children and their families to claim their rights from the government and other duty bearers. Capacity building to pool resources through associations that save and offer credit to members.

Youths engaged in VSLA
young women with loans.
Youths training on modern piggery farming
Trained in bee keeping during this last quarter.